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About Us

Flowing Spirit Journeys was born out of the inspiration to use travel as a means of personal evolution, empowerment and expansion.  The intention is to create an environment of spiritual travel where conscious people come together to undergo a deeper journey into themselves.  It is a result of a marriage of travel, spirituality, and outdoor adventure. It is a bridge that offers an opportunity to cross into the lessons and unique richness that each culture and country has to offer.

We will share with you our favorite places, teachers, and locations that have inspired great personal change within us, and others. Flowing Spirit Journeys gives an experience of God without all of the religion. It is a moving yoga retreat. It is an exciting adventure. It is a transformational journey. It is a new frontier of travel.  It is a sharing of the fruits of years of wandering and seeking with you!

We are built from world journeyers, yoga teachers, healers, outdoor adventure guides, and local explorers dedicated to sharing their passions of spirituality and travel. We hope that you will join us on this adventure of love, consciousness, and opening to other cultures and ways of life.  We are all connected in this life and have been for all the lives before and those yet to come.  Make the most of your time here and be sure to leave this world just a little better than you found it.

About Our Guides

Kristie Lonczak

Kristie Lonczak Yoga Teacher Retreat GuideKristie is a co-owner, lead guide, and facilitator of Flowing Spirit Journeys. Kristie loves to travel and wishes for nothing more than to share this passion with EVERYONE.

Her initial motivation for travel was heading out to the most exciting places for rock climbing and outdoor adventure. She began her travels abroad with a one way ticket to Hong Kong and a lot of faith. After a year of living, climbing , and working as an outdoor adventure guide Asia, her journeys began to evolve into seeking the answers to the deeper questions of life…“Who am I?”, “Why am I here?”, “Where am I going?”

She began to more deeply explore throughout South America and Asia in search of teachers, yoga immersions, Meditation retreats, Healing arts, teacher trainings, retreats, dance, shamanism, Tantra, , locations of high vibration, plant medicines, and spiritual community.  The unveiling of many of the unique and transformational gems has taken much wandering and many years of continued seeking.

Her life has shifted in the last years as she has begun offering her experiences as a part time explorer….and full time yoga teacher, Mystical Dance Teacher, Reiki Master, Retreat Facilitator, and Flowing Spirit Journeys Trip leader/creator. Her focus in this life is inspiring aliveness, opening to a life lived from the heart, empowerment and the activation of a cosmic consciousness.

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Chris Henson

Chris Henson Seattle Rock Climber and Yoga

Chris is co-owner, lead guide, and facilitator for Flowing Spirit Journeys. Chris is an empowering, profound, fierce and wise yoga teacher of the body, mind, soul and rock. His passion for yoga and meditation is only surpassed by his love of rock climbing. He has ventured throughout the world to push his limits climbing in some of the most exotic places, while going more deeply into the realms of presence through spiritual practice. Chris offers his gifts of silence, awareness, connection to nature, living in alignment of thought word and action, and the life-changing remembrance that all you need is already within in you.
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Lea Ronen

Lea is a lead guide and facilitator for Flowing Spirit Journeys.   Although she wasn’t aware of it at the time, her journey began with yoga while working fulltime in the finance world.  As she practiced yoga, things began to significantly shift in her life until she realized she wasn’t living the way she wanted to. Inspired by her newfound awareness, she left the corporate world to explore, travel and deepen her yogic practice.   What started as world travel, eventually evolved into a spiritual journey.  More and more of her beliefs were shattered, and a deeper investigation of “who we are” and “what life is” became the guiding force in her travels.  She learnt to surrender to the flow of life, and the teachings, guidance, beauty and magic of existence began to reveal themselves.

She spent time exploring many countries, attending meditation retreats, yoga intensives, sitting in satsang, learning healing modalities, studying shamanism, and working with plant spirit medicines.  She is forever curious to learn more and explore the mystery of life.

She is eternally grateful to all her teachers, and is looking forward to the opportunity to share her gifts.  She is a certified yoga teacher and a healer- channeling energy intuitively combined with techniques she has studied through Reiki, Theta Healing, and Yoga therapy.  She loves the opportunity to help people break free of patterns in order to live the life they truly want, discover their gifts, and be in joy and presence.  She brings a playful happiness in all she does, and is excited to share some of her favorite magical places.
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Lucé Blue

Lucé is a lead guide and facilitator for Flowing Spirit Journeys. Lucé has been exploring the world along with the art and science of yoga, holistic wellness, and nutrition for the past 13 years. She combines being a yoga teacher and practitioner, Certified Health Coach, massage therapist, inner-activist, and inspired foodie to listen deeply, support positive transformation, teach, and heal.
Through experience, she believes that of being in alignment with the cycles of nature combined with self-knowledge creates a natural state of contentment, willingness, and ease during these rapidly changing times. Her interest in and devotion to yoga and eating well, wellness counseling, and to traveling and experiencing different cultures combine to create a heartful, colorful perspective. She is delighted to join forces with Flowing Spirit Journeys to help facilitate transformational experiences with purpose and meaning.
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Other Channels of Support

Jeff Heimiller

“May the long time sun shine upon you.  All love, surround you.  And the pure light within you, guide your way on.”

Jeff began his career like many: in a corporate pursuit of happiness.  Though paychecks were coming in as frequent as the promotions, he knew something was missing. He began to search for a solution and was pointed by the the universe to a Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Class.  This intensive class helped him to realize how disconnected he had become from himself, and further gave him a glimpse at the potential happiness he could find if he could quiet his judging mind.

From this mindfulness immersion, he was launched into the paths of Kundalini and Vinyasa Yoga, Zen Buddhism, and meditations focused on quieting the mind and enhancing pranic energy flow. He focuses on living a life of meditation, because mindfulness is an ongoing practice, not a fixed state of being.  His spiritual practice has opened him to his greater purpose of dedicating his life to guiding others to live a life of purpose and spiritual awakening. Jeff received the inspiration to co-create Flowing Spirit Journeys in order to share his gifts of mindfulness, mental clarity, and support of the raising of consciousness.

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