Who says giving up is a bad thing?

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In my life I have wandered the world in search of spirituality and truth. I delved into countless mystery schools in hopes of finding answers to the deeper questions that stirred within my heart. As I sit still in this moment, and reflect upon all that I have discovered… I once again come back to the seeming realization that I really know nothing. Truths that I once thought discovered are lies just the same. Every grain of sand I grasp falls through my clenched fists to be lost once again into the abyss.  Every concept, idea, belief, swirls into another mist of uncertainty.

I know not who I truly am, for it has been lost in the whirling winds of the great illusion.  I know not where I am going, yet I continue onward just the same.  My mind is filled with echoing Words of “you should be: …this …that …happy …spiritual …kind …loving …trusting …strong …loving …open …discerning …humble …present….

False egos dance in front of me, masking and hiding the true being from everyone…even “my…self” Being “spiritual” “a healer” “a teacher” and “yogic” are fads that puts another one of those masks on actually BE-ING. I think I arrive somewhere…but in actuality, there is the mask again. I live this incessant game of hide and go seek with my-SELF. I know what I “should do”…but what should I actually do?

The mind confines and fear takes over for a lapse of helplessness. I grasp the false “I’s,” but with this lie only more suffering sets in. In a state of ego exhaustion, in attempt to hold the falsehood…finally…I give up. I give it all up. Really, I give it all up!!! I release the fight, the search, the acting, the trying, the hope, the concept, the idea, the image, the healing, the game. I GIVE IT ALL UP. I SURRENDER.

The sweet rest of a relaxing emptiness fills me.

In this moment of “giving up” grace and silence take me into a moment of presence. A moment without doing, a moment of blissful breath and BEING. The simplicity of INHALE, EXHALE, INHALE, EXHALE. Nothing to do, no place to be…. But here and now.

With this peace, I integrate the subtle remembrance that Presence is the key to EVERYTHING.  Each moment I may remember to rest and be present…I simply AM. I live in totality in my true power and all of my perfect imperfection. I see the infinite potential of all creation that emanates from my open, pure heart, and clear present mind. I hear the universe sing through the silence and I dance with my whole being.

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One thought on “Who says giving up is a bad thing?

  1. Beautiful piece. Surrendering, Outpouring, and Offering ourselves over to the power of the Universe is the greatest gift we can give ourselves. It is the most organic path to enlightenment. And it’s a practice that has completely changed my life. I just began my own person blog, inspired by others like yours. I hope you will read. I look forward to reading more from your site. Om shanti shanti shanti.

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