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StreetsofRishikeshSo you have just booked your spot for a yoga and meditation retreat to Peru!  Or maybe you stopped toying with whether you are ready for a deeply spiritual trip to India and put down your deposit!  What’s next?  The questions and thoughts will creep in.  What if I do not speak the language?  What if I am not as experienced in yoga as the others?  Our thoughts can flow to more material concerns like how many outfits and bags should I bring?  Should I bring my meditation implements and mat with me?  Questions asked that will keep you in your comfort zone, but will they lead to an impactful journey?

Though these are all valid, they may or may not be important to your journey, they may cause one to overthink and skew the true intentions of your travel.  So, what is the solution?  PACK LIGHT!!!  Yes, this cliché term that we all know, however more than likely use in a physical context.  It does however have a second facet.  Today and on your journey challenge yourself to accept this as a mantra to how you move, act, feel, and respond.   Focus beyond your bags, and look inward to YOU!

Let’s get the material facet out of the way.  Though many travelers like to bring items that will assure preparation for any possible scenario, most items often end up being in excess.  Not every scenario will play out on any one trip of course, so most items are unnecessary weight.  Do some research on the weather for the time of year you are traveling and pack a few key essentials for that climate.  Above all, you will quickly learn that the local native clothing in each of these settings will entice you to buy it. Finding what you need in the markets at a low cost will not be difficult.  Pack once, then go back and repack taking out all that you know is duplicate or unnecessary because you are packing with emotion (Your lucky Yogitoes towel is not the key to a successful journey).  For instance, you can buy a yoga mat for about $3 in Rishikesh, and it can be left behind for someone to use when you are finished with it.  Detach from yours and leave it home to free up space your Pisac market finds!

Now it is time to look inward.  Travel light also applies to your mental state as you leave for your journey.  A big reason so many of us find it difficult to quiet our minds in our daily lives is because we are immersed in so many routines, distractions, and stresses.  It can be hard to find peace with a traumatic memory, when at the same time you are pulled in hundreds of directions throughout your day.  Traveling light entails leaving parts of you behind.  I don’t suggest being anyone other than yourself, however remember “YOU” is a fluid state of being.  Make a point to clear as much of the stresses before you leave and take a load off your mind.   Be sure to pay pending bills, drop off that library book, and have the leaky pipe in the kitchen repaired.  These are not things you need to be worrying about on the other side of the planet.  Dig deeper though, down to the bottom of that mental baggage, maybe even to the hidden compartment that you usually ignore.  Is there an unresolved spat with a friend that can be mended?  Is there a wound from a family member that has been left undiscussed?  Is there a career path change that you know in your heart must be made but you have been too nervous to make it?  Traveling light in a sense is a way to clear space and to let it be used for transformation.  Come to peace with what you can, and don’t worry, the rest can be looked at during your trip.

This journey, whether your first outside of the country, or an annual getaway, is a chance to find answers to questions you struggle to find in your day to day space.  Lightening your pack will go a long way.

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  1. Hey there, I jumped over to your webpage via StumbleUpon. Not some thing I regularly read through, although I like your perspectives none the less. Thank you for creating some thing worthy of reading!

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