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With a one-way ticket and a lot of trust, I traveled to India for the first time in 2007. I headed there alone, in pursuit of rock climbing and the mysterious world of Yoga. Before arriving, I had visions of Yoga in the Himalayas, spiritual enlightenment, delicious curries, and dancing Goddess Princesses. The life lessons and transformation that India offered (and continues to offer me) was beyond anything I could have dreamt of.Yoga in Rajasthan Jaislamer Desert

India is a country in which the distances between yin and yang are vast and colored with spice, infinite mystery, Bollywood hits, and pure potential. These wonderful and exciting extremes offer the possibility of deeply learning about one’s self and moving more fully into the center. As we learn to deeply meditate and flow in asana in India, this practice of meditation soon begins to move into all aspects of our daily life.

With presDesert Woman of Rajasthanence, we seamlessly move through chaos and silence with the grace of a butterfly’s wings. With centered observation of India’s extreme opposites, we may expand our world and move to places within ourselves never thought possible. Mother India shakes us up and then ever so sweetly puts us back together brighter, expanded, and happier.
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Who says giving up is a bad thing?

Pushkar Mistful Sunrise Meditation

In my life I have wandered the world in search of spirituality and truth. I delved into countless mystery schools in hopes of finding answers to the deeper questions that stirred within my heart. As I sit still in this moment, and reflect upon all that I have discovered… I once again come back to the seeming realization that I really know nothing. Truths that I once thought discovered are lies just the same. Every grain of sand I grasp falls through my clenched fists to be lost once again into the abyss.  Every concept, idea, belief, swirls into another mist of uncertainty.

I know not who I truly am, for it has been lost in the whirling winds of the great illusion.  I know not where I am going, yet I continue onward just the same.  My mind is filled with echoing Words of “you should be: …this …that …happy …spiritual …kind …loving …trusting …strong …loving …open …discerning …humble …present….

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FSJ evolving, transforming, and expanding

It has been some time since last reaching out .  Just like how in each one of our lives, we sometimes need to take a break from the normal, retreat within, and make some adjustments… business also sometimes need to do the same.  FSJ have been taking a bit of time to dig a little deeper, discover some new dimensions of itself, and explore some new amazing places in which to share with you.

Our journeys took us from the ocean & jungles of Thailand, to Shamanic Plants & Incan ruins of Peru, to retreats & spiritual communities in Brazil, to silence & Yoga in the Himalayas of India, to medieval villages & rock climbing in Spain, and finally to retreat into our home in the mountains of Washington State.

Some awesome photos and  insights through our Spiritual Travel:

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Slowing Down Thailand Island Style

Beautiful View from southern thailand island paradise

Namaste World Family….
I greet you this time from the beautiful Southern Thailand Paradise of Koh Yao Noi.  It is a mostly unexplored island located between Phuket and Krabi… and my current Winter home. The ocean landscape is painted with Limestone towers sprouting from all direction, pristine abundant nature, and hidden beach paradises.

southern thailand local experienceThrough our Yoga and Outdoor Adventure (especially rock climbing), we are currently co-creating a beautiful bubble of yoga, light, and goodness! People visit from all over the world and many new connections are being created.

There really isn’t so much to “do” here other than teach/practice yoga, rock climb, read, connect with beautiful people, enjoy the ocean…and just BE. This environment gives visitors a great opportunity to reflect, make some changes in their lives, and retreat into peace.

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Shifting Into a New Paradigm

I have one more week in the sacred land of India, and as I prepare for the return to the USA, I begin to reflect on the last few months of inner and outer journey. Spiritual festivals, enlightened masters, FSJ Journeys, synchronistic encounters, profound transformation….. I feel like lifetimes have passed and time is speeding up …. yet at the same time, I feel like it is possible to live an eternity in one single moment. Continue reading

Shiva and Shakti in Bolivia


A spiritual wonder that I tend to explore and have yet to define is the contrast between: receptivity and the gifts of God/Grace, vs. consciousness and the power of intention/co-creation. For me it is a question of the feminine and masculine energies, and how these energies are used to approach life.

When I say feminine and masculine energies, I don’t necessarily mean women and men in the physical human form… I am more referring to the way in which we can define aspects of life in regards to polarity.  Continue reading

Magic At Lake Titticaca

Arriving in Lake Titticaca I was taken by the brilliant beauty of the highest navigable lake in the world. Coming from the Great Lakes region, it takes a lot for me to be impressed by a lake…but I was inspired by the incredible view that lay before me.  Snow covered mountains surrounded the crystal clear waters fading into the horizon.  We boarded a rickety boat to journey towards the floating islands of Uros.  As we exited from Puno, Peru, we were told to sit beneath the cover of the boat to abide by the local law. Ten minutes from the bay and out of sight, we were permitted to climb the ladder to the top and ride through the fresh high altitude breeze.  The sun shone brightly as we enjoyed the delicious landscape.  Continue reading

Revealing the Paradise Within

The world is shifting. Consciousness changing. All is shaking. As I head out for a 2 month journey in South America, I steady my feet on the earth and take a moment to check my balance as I board the plane headed for Cuzco, Peru.

I feel more resistance than normal.  It seems it is due to this trembling of the shifting world, and the inner resistance hidden from my conscious mind.  I am about to once again leave my family and the comforts of home, to undergo a powerful spiritual journey.  Continue reading

Maha Matrix- Tips for staying conscious in a crazy world

The question always remains…. How can we keep the openness, the presence, the connection, and the consciousness…everywhere?

After 5 months of  teaching yoga and living on the small Thailand tropical Island of Koh Yao Noi, and two weeks on the sacred Indian land of Rishikesh, I land in Toronto’s Pearson Airport.  I will continue by car for the remaining 1.5 hour distance to my hometown of Buffalo, New York.  I am jet-legged from the 17 hour direct flight from Delhi. I barely slept due to my non-reclining seat, and the fact that I was placed next to a drunk man that didn’t speak any English, who continuously woke me up from my sleep to help him open plane snacks and utensils.  He continued to speak to me in Hindi, despite my obvious inability to understand what he was saying.  A nearby woman explained that I was his daughter now… I guess better daughter than next wife.  He had so much heart, I just prayed he would stop with the whisky. Continue reading

Ma Ganga. Guru India.


Despite the chaos and craziness of this sometimes overwhelming country, India is the home of my heart. No matter how long or short I stay on the earth in this place, I always receive an abundance of wisdom, experience, and a “Spiritual Fill me up.”

Once again I found myself in the Foothills of the Himalayas, crossing the swirling waters of Ma Ganga upon the swaying suspension of Laxmanjula.  (Meaning the Bridge of Laxman).  I was tired from my Thailand flight, 2 hour wait in the New Delhi train station, 5 hour express train ride from Delhi,  1 hour Haridwar to Laxmanjula Rickshaw ride (it takes a long time to get ANYWHERE in India)… but  nonetheless,  I felt elevated, connected, open  and alive.  I was nearly back in my sanctuary. Continue reading