Rock Climbing to Tame the Monkey Mind


Chris Henson Rock Climbing


Monkey Rishikesh Yoga Retreat


For most people, when we say “meditation”, we think of sitting very still, in a quiet place, cross legged, with some sort of intention in clearing our mind and observing our thoughts.  Maybe we focus on the breath or chant OM or listen to some beautiful music. Although these are imperative and wonderful practices, it can be greatly challenging for many people to sit still and find any space between that seemingly never-ending stream of thoughts.

I have often experienced this frustration of “so many thoughts”… the monkey mind dancing all over the place. I sit to meditate and that little apelike creature starts doing all kinds of flips, and pulls out a bunch of other monkey friends from its barrel to play in my head creating all kinds of a mess.  Before I know it, I have a whole family spinning thoughts through my meditation.

So what to do?

I say… “Take a breath and let this monkey mind do what monkeys do best….send it for a climb up a giant rock face!” Continue reading

Slowing Down Thailand Island Style

Beautiful View from southern thailand island paradise

Namaste World Family….
I greet you this time from the beautiful Southern Thailand Paradise of Koh Yao Noi.  It is a mostly unexplored island located between Phuket and Krabi… and my current Winter home. The ocean landscape is painted with Limestone towers sprouting from all direction, pristine abundant nature, and hidden beach paradises.

southern thailand local experienceThrough our Yoga and Outdoor Adventure (especially rock climbing), we are currently co-creating a beautiful bubble of yoga, light, and goodness! People visit from all over the world and many new connections are being created.

There really isn’t so much to “do” here other than teach/practice yoga, rock climb, read, connect with beautiful people, enjoy the ocean…and just BE. This environment gives visitors a great opportunity to reflect, make some changes in their lives, and retreat into peace.

Continue reading

Ma Ganga. Guru India.


Despite the chaos and craziness of this sometimes overwhelming country, India is the home of my heart. No matter how long or short I stay on the earth in this place, I always receive an abundance of wisdom, experience, and a “Spiritual Fill me up.”

Once again I found myself in the Foothills of the Himalayas, crossing the swirling waters of Ma Ganga upon the swaying suspension of Laxmanjula.  (Meaning the Bridge of Laxman).  I was tired from my Thailand flight, 2 hour wait in the New Delhi train station, 5 hour express train ride from Delhi,  1 hour Haridwar to Laxmanjula Rickshaw ride (it takes a long time to get ANYWHERE in India)… but  nonetheless,  I felt elevated, connected, open  and alive.  I was nearly back in my sanctuary. Continue reading