Invasion of Thoughts

Sitting at a coffee shop this morning, I couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed with how many thoughts were able to enter my mind within a very short span.  Joining me for the cup of coffee, as most mornings, was my to-do list, a book, my cell phone, and of course the source of more information overload than anything in my possession, my laptop.  I couldn’t help but ask, why do I have all of these, and more importantly why are they all in my stream of consciousness at once?

Now, technology has wonderful qualities that I certainly take advantage of, however can certainly challenge the mindful lifestyle.  Being aware of what is around you and bringing ultimate focus to what is in the present is a practice that I have talked about before that is honed over time, however, it is tested as you sit with so many potential distractions around you.  It is all too easy to be working on one project while thinking about the next. Continue reading