Travel Well by Packing Light

StreetsofRishikeshSo you have just booked your spot for a yoga and meditation retreat to Peru!  Or maybe you stopped toying with whether you are ready for a deeply spiritual trip to India and put down your deposit!  What’s next?  The questions and thoughts will creep in.  What if I do not speak the language?  What if I am not as experienced in yoga as the others?  Our thoughts can flow to more material concerns like how many outfits and bags should I bring?  Should I bring my meditation implements and mat with me?  Questions asked that will keep you in your comfort zone, but will they lead to an impactful journey?

Though these are all valid, they may or may not be important to your journey, they may cause one to overthink and skew the true intentions of your travel.  So, what is the solution?  PACK LIGHT!!!  Yes, this cliché term that we all know, however more than likely use in a physical context.  It does however have a second facet.  Today and on your journey challenge yourself to accept this as a mantra to how you move, act, feel, and respond.   Focus beyond your bags, and look inward to YOU! Continue reading