FSJ evolving, transforming, and expanding

It has been some time since last reaching out .  Just like how in each one of our lives, we sometimes need to take a break from the normal, retreat within, and make some adjustments… business also sometimes need to do the same.  FSJ have been taking a bit of time to dig a little deeper, discover some new dimensions of itself, and explore some new amazing places in which to share with you.

Our journeys took us from the ocean & jungles of Thailand, to Shamanic Plants & Incan ruins of Peru, to retreats & spiritual communities in Brazil, to silence & Yoga in the Himalayas of India, to medieval villages & rock climbing in Spain, and finally to retreat into our home in the mountains of Washington State.

Some awesome photos and  insights through our Spiritual Travel:

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Pisac Return

Its 7 am and I depart from the Cusco, Peru Airport exhausted, and dazed, yet with an overwhelming joy of being back in this sacred land.  I receive an enchanted hug from German, and relax into the taxi for the 45 minute drive to the small town of Pisac.  The ride winds and turns through Eucalyptus forests and past the ancient Incan Ruins of Sacsayhuman and Tambomachay. The cloudless sky is a crystal blue and the sun shines on the sacred valley Apus (mountain spirits).  Continue reading