Slowing Down Thailand Island Style

Beautiful View from southern thailand island paradise

Namaste World Family….
I greet you this time from the beautiful Southern Thailand Paradise of Koh Yao Noi.  It is a mostly unexplored island located between Phuket and Krabi… and my current Winter home. The ocean landscape is painted with Limestone towers sprouting from all direction, pristine abundant nature, and hidden beach paradises.

southern thailand local experienceThrough our Yoga and Outdoor Adventure (especially rock climbing), we are currently co-creating a beautiful bubble of yoga, light, and goodness! People visit from all over the world and many new connections are being created.

There really isn’t so much to “do” here other than teach/practice yoga, rock climb, read, connect with beautiful people, enjoy the ocean…and just BE. This environment gives visitors a great opportunity to reflect, make some changes in their lives, and retreat into peace.

I can’t help to observe and reflect on the contrast between our fast paced complex western lives, and life on this small island. Everything is so simple here…..It is incredible to me that there still exists places where one need not lock the doors to your house… or remove the motorbike key from the ignition. Children play in the streets, locals smile and wave…. friendliness, peace, and love are the natural underlying energies of this sweet island hideaway.   The biggest shop on the island is a 7-11 and I have the luxury to buy locally grown fruits and veggies from the small family open air market stalls. There is a cable-less TV nearby, but I have only seen it turned on twice in the last month. Power cuts are a daily occurrence, mosquitoes fly around me all the time, and internet sometimes works…. But I barely notice these “challenges.”  I giggle as I watch a smiling family of 5 on a motorbike, driving helmetless, and sometimes shoeless slowly around the island. If someone wants a coconut, they just take off their shoes and climb up to get a coconut. If someone gets sick, or has some trouble the community comes together to help. Welcoming communities come together to pray with the Muslim call to prayer, alongside the bowing Buddhist devotees. Everything is based on “Thai Time”….which means it will happen ….eventually…maybe. The Thai way of being works well. Evidence of it’s success is reflected on the stress-free, smiling, happy faces of the locals.

So then I wonder….  How can we take the “happy” concepts of the islanders, into the western world?

It is apparent to me that most people of the west can’t just leave their whole world behind in order to live on an island,  but there ARE some approaches to life we can easily take back home with us…. See if anything fits for you!?

1. Family and Community– When we stay close to family, friends, and a local community, we may then realize we aren’t alone in the world. We feel supported, loved, and connected to others… and can offer that same experience to the people around us. In this way we start to live more from the perspective of unity, love and friendship, and not from the perspective of “I am all alone to take on the world and survive.” Call a family member, hang out with some friends, go to a farmer’s market, support a local business…. Or just gather together without any rhyme or reason. See how it feels.

2. Spirituality- Faith or openness to some higher power… whether it be … God, Love, Christ, Buddha, Nature, Goddess, Allah, Shiva, the Universe, Truth…. This helps us to feel our life moved with purpose and magic. It helps us to experience the beautiful work of art that is around us and within us…Find a church, a temple, a room, or a beautiful tree and connect! Go beyond the form and accept that everyone has a right to believe what they wish. Create bridges not boundaries.

3. Connection to Nature– When we are in Nature we experience a quieting of our mind, rejuvenation, re-energizing, peace, and calmness. In natural environments, we automatically go into a deeper state of peace. Go for a short walk, breathe deep, and fill yourself with the pure raw delicious energy of LIFE!

4. Simplicity-How can we simplify? What unnecessary dramas, possessions, habits, stresses, costs, worries, commitments, negative relationships, luxuries can we let go of in order to make everything more simple?

5. Slowing Down-When we move slower, with awareness, everything is completed with greater peace, magnificence, and joy. Take time for what is important and necessary, and give yourself space to enjoy your life by fully EXPERIENCING it.

Ok my beloveds…I hope some of this resonated with you… If so PLEASE SHARE!!! I would love to hear from you!!!

I wish you much joy and firmness as you create your own bubble of light and peace in a sometimes crazy chaotic world!

Many blessings!


2 thoughts on “Slowing Down Thailand Island Style

  1. So pleased to read this. I am trying to realise step by step my life to make it more simple, less stress and more time to my dearist ones including me. Next year starts with my own time in Thailand, part time work, more time to become better person…

    • Oili,
      Thank you so much for sharing this with us! More time and love for you will certainly translate to less stress and more love with those dearest to you! We look forward to hearing more of your journey!

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