Rainbow Battle

 I watch from the second story balcony as a great battle takes place upon the street below. I hear the sounds of the war from all directions as combat screams, music, and explosions fill the ether. The ammo is incessantly reloaded in a seemingly never ending supply. Those “unfortunate” enough to wander unknowingly into the battle, are instantly attacked by the eager soldiers.

Generally, one would cry, tense, or fear a battle occurring so close to their bedroom window, but this battle is unlike any other battle. Instead of suffering, it affords only laughter, celebration and great joy. Instead of being about overpowering another to prove a point or win more power, it shares only blessings and the freedom of play. Instead of tall strong soldiers often from far off places, this militia are generally a few feet tall and of the nearby orphanage and village. Instead of loading their weapon to harm, they fill their delicate plastic water pistols with brilliant rainbow colors and drop bombs of water from hidden balconies and rooms.

This war, is the celebration of the Hindu color festival of Holi. It is a day where we burn our inner demons, renew our vows of truth, and celebrate the victory of good over evil! We dance upon the streets for the divine and cover each other with our blessings and good intentions in the form of powdered dye! We celebrate the beauty that life has given us and our path towards remembering our true nature…… and of course since it happens in India it is full of color, chaos and music.


What is your vow to the truth?


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