Learning to Observe Your Meditation

MudrasMeditation is a practice that offers several benefits, not the least of which is fostering a life of mindfulness.  Why is mindfulness desirable?  When in a mindful state we are present and aware of thoughts and emotions that arise, and we are able to address them without judgement or a need for rationalization.  Often, early practitioners of meditation jump to judging their practice, such as the “correctness” of their posture, the ability to silence thoughts, and to calm the mind.  The ability to accept without judgement is a quality that can be developed through regular sittings and is essential to achieving a mindful position of an observer to your practice as opposed to driving it.  Continue reading

No Time For Meditation!?!?

The above is often brought to me in various forms as either a statement or a question. I have heard and of course used all of the popular lines……”I just don’t have the time to meditate”, “Meditation doesn’t seem to work for me”, “How do you find the time to meditate?”

Life often pulls us away from practice, no matter how dedicated we feel we are or how much we can see the benefit starting to cultivate and grow within us. Meditation is just that, a practice honed over time with patience being its strongest catalyst. The statement that it doesn’t work in and of itself is a conscious thought and observation which means it IS working on some level as you have put focus into coming to this conclusion.  Realization of a busy mind is the first observation you need to springboard future growth.  Continue reading

AHHHHHHHHH…what to do when the feeling comes

 Do you ever get the feeling that if one more thing happens you are going to explode? Or that your world is all scattered and you have lost your focus and center?  Or that you have been so busy that you feel you have been running in circles like a chicken with their head cut off, not taking time for yourself, with total exhaustion? Or life is boring , you feel disconnected, purposeless, and you are stuck in a repeating cycle with no end in sight?


I feel this was sometimes… and I KNOW most everyone feels this way sometimes….and usually it starts quietly and then louder and louder and louder…and then more and more and more….and then there is the “I can’t take anymore….. AHHHHHHH…. “ feeling.

Continue reading

Rainbows and Waterfalls-Iguazu Falls

Iguazu Falls sits on the border between Brazil, and Argentina… with Paraguay also nearby.  We entered the falls from the Argentinian side of Puerto de Igussu. The Brazilian side offers a greater panoramic view, while the Argentinian side offers a larger park, more hiking trails, and a greater opportunity to more closely explore the individual falls. Continue reading

Shiva and Shakti in Bolivia


A spiritual wonder that I tend to explore and have yet to define is the contrast between: receptivity and the gifts of God/Grace, vs. consciousness and the power of intention/co-creation. For me it is a question of the feminine and masculine energies, and how these energies are used to approach life.

When I say feminine and masculine energies, I don’t necessarily mean women and men in the physical human form… I am more referring to the way in which we can define aspects of life in regards to polarity.  Continue reading

Puerto de Huayu Marka


The sun was just rising as we wound through the high altitude roads towards the magnificently crafted doorway to the Gods. We arrived to the towering structure from the nearby town of Juli. This powerful activation point lies in the Lake Titticaca Region of Peru between Puno and Juli.

The doorway is mysterious and countless stories surround it in an air of mysticism. By locals, the doorway is either called: “Puerto Del Diablo,” the Devil’s Doorway or “Puerto Del Dios,” God’s Doorway. Ancient Folklore tells the story of the Incan Priest Amaru Meru/Aramu Muru and his encounter with the door. Continue reading

Magic At Lake Titticaca

Arriving in Lake Titticaca I was taken by the brilliant beauty of the highest navigable lake in the world. Coming from the Great Lakes region, it takes a lot for me to be impressed by a lake…but I was inspired by the incredible view that lay before me.  Snow covered mountains surrounded the crystal clear waters fading into the horizon.  We boarded a rickety boat to journey towards the floating islands of Uros.  As we exited from Puno, Peru, we were told to sit beneath the cover of the boat to abide by the local law. Ten minutes from the bay and out of sight, we were permitted to climb the ladder to the top and ride through the fresh high altitude breeze.  The sun shone brightly as we enjoyed the delicious landscape.  Continue reading

Intihuatana Ruins

I depart early in the morning for a silent solo pilgrimage up to the Intihuatana Ruins. The ancient Incan structures overlook the small town of Pisac, Peru.  In Quechua, Intihuatana means “tying the sun.”  The mountain is a great cemetery of the Incan People.  Upon its summit lies a temple of the sun as well as the moon. It was here that they performed rituals for the spirits of the sun and moon, and observed the cosmos.  It is a powerful location for initiations of the priest/priestess, and reconnecting to ancient wisdom. Continue reading

Pisac Return

Its 7 am and I depart from the Cusco, Peru Airport exhausted, and dazed, yet with an overwhelming joy of being back in this sacred land.  I receive an enchanted hug from German, and relax into the taxi for the 45 minute drive to the small town of Pisac.  The ride winds and turns through Eucalyptus forests and past the ancient Incan Ruins of Sacsayhuman and Tambomachay. The cloudless sky is a crystal blue and the sun shines on the sacred valley Apus (mountain spirits).  Continue reading

Revealing the Paradise Within

The world is shifting. Consciousness changing. All is shaking. As I head out for a 2 month journey in South America, I steady my feet on the earth and take a moment to check my balance as I board the plane headed for Cuzco, Peru.

I feel more resistance than normal.  It seems it is due to this trembling of the shifting world, and the inner resistance hidden from my conscious mind.  I am about to once again leave my family and the comforts of home, to undergo a powerful spiritual journey.  Continue reading