“Om Mani Padme Hum”  – Behold the jewel of the lotus

Breathe in the fresh ocean breeze and salute the sun as it rises over the ocean. Push the boundaries of your mind and body as you climb limestone karst towers and kayak the islands of the Phagnan Bay. Awaken to the sounds of the jungle in your floating bungalow, and gaze up at the Milky Way. Learn to cook delicious Thai cuisine, and sip on a fresh coconut while relaxing in a hammock.  Silently sit within a Buddhist temple, and experience the healing benefits of traditional Thai massage.. Enjoy the elevation of your spirit as you connect to the overflowing abundance of life, beauty, and peace in this incredible natural environment.

Thailand Meditation in Movement Adventure

Pisac, Peru. Machu Picchu

with Kristie and Chris

December 8-18, 2015 

Min 4 Max 15


Open your heart for a journey between movement and stillness as you immerse yourself in the pristine natural environment of our secret island hideaway

Join us on our enchanting island as we expand our current level of awareness and go beyond our normal comfort zone into something much more profound. Share with us as we open our hearts, experience the bliss of nature, creativity, adventure, and life from a depth that we have never before explored.  We will move between movement, yoga, dynamic meditation and complete stillness.

It is a unique opportunity to merge our adventurous and creative nature with our spiritual aspiration and transformation. During our retreats, we will bring a profound awareness and total experience to all that we do. Our philosophy is that every moment, every breath can become filled with a vastness of awareness. Our daily practice of meditation can be cultivated so that it becomes our way of life. Instead of limiting ourselves to only having a specific time in our life where we sit and meditate, we make life our meditation. We learn to live experientially through the vessel of the heart.