Las montañas son las catedrales donde practico mi religión.” – Mountains are the cathedrals where I practice my religion.

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Join us for a life changing experience in Spain. This beautiful country offers an abundance of unique cultural and natural treasures. With its charming villages and inspiring rock formations, it is the perfect landscape to balance our silence and stillness, with our fiercely empowered warrior spirit.

Wake up with a deep breathe of lavender and orange blossom scented air. Push far beyond the limits of your mind and body as you climb high, and gracefully grapple with world class Spanish limestone cliffs.  Experience yourself wandering sleepy village cobblestone streets towards hillside medieval castles. Take another deep breathe as you push past the crux of the hardest (or first) climb you have ever attempted.  Open your heart, consciousness, and body with Yoga in the magic of the countryside.  Gaze out into the inviting waters of the Mediterranean Sea sipping a glass of Spanish wine. Rest well in the quiet of the mountains as you prepare for another day of life to its fullest possibility.

Chulilla Yoga and Rock Climbing- 13 Days/12 Nights


yoga retreat spain chulilla
A Meditation in Movement  
with Kristie and Chris 
March 11th- March 23rd, 2018
Minimum 4 People, Maximum 15

Highlights- Chulilla, Rock Climbing, Yoga, Meditation, Hiking, Valencia, Mediterranean Beaches, Castles 

If you don’t challenge yourself, you will never realize what you may become. 

Yoga and rock climbing complement each other in an extraordinary way. This retreat is perfect for everyone….from experienced climbers wishing to reap the benefits of Yoga and  climb the world class rock in Spain….. to Yogis or Yoginis who have never touched a rock wall but hear the call to get a little fiercer and take their “yoga and meditation” to the rocks ….. to those who have neither climbed or practiced Yoga, but wish to have a life transforming experience in rural Spain.

Venue: Chulilla. A small Spanish town located 45 minutes inland from the Mediterranean coastal city of Valencia. Its cobblestone streets weave up the hillside to create a quaint whitewashed town of only 720 residents. Bordered by a majestic castle, pristine river, fresh cool reservoir, and limestone cliffs fading into the horizon, it is the perfect venue for a Yoga and Rock Climbing retreat.

Yoga:  Each day will include an invigorating and inspiring practice of Yoga, Pranayama and Meditation focused on techniques to help us in the vertical world of climbing. By utilizing conscious breathing, balance, flexibility, focus, visualization, mental equanimity, and core strength, we may improve upon our climbing, as well as experience a moving meditation. Morning sessions will be more dynamic, while evening classes will focus on more of a yin style of relaxation and flexibility. Our aim is to experience being fully in the moment with unity of mind, body, and breathe.

Climbing: Lead by our guide’s 35+ years of climbing experience, we will apply our Yoga philosophy to the vertical as we push our limits on some of the best of Chulilla’s 800+ routes.  With routes ranging from absolute beginner to 5.14c, from slab to super overhanging, from top rope to exciting sport leads, we will help you to find and move towards the “send” of the perfect climbs for you. If you are an experienced lead climber, you can head straight for a climb, while we may offer tips, encouragement….or maybe just a really great belay.   If you are new to the sport, or need some polishing up, we will work more closely with you in order to cultivate climbing technique and safety. There are options to climb almost every day, but we also integrate rest day activities and excursions.

Brief Itinerary:

Day 1
Valencia- Arrive in Valencia by 2pm-Group meeting, explore the old city, Mediterranean seaside dinner
Day 2
Valencia to Chulilla- Travel by private car to our bed and breakfast in Chulilla. Afternoon Climbing and Yoga session.
Day 3-10
Chulilla- Experience the wonders of Chulilla with a daily Yoga and Meditation practice, and as much rock climbing as you wish. We will  take rest days as needed, explore the countryside, visit the city castle, take a day trip to the beach, and rest near the fresh water reservoir. You will also have plenty of time to explore on your own or even go horseback riding.
Day 11
Final morning Yoga practice and retreat closing. Transfer to Valencia or beyond.

Price Includes:
10 Nights Shared Accommodation(single is available for an additional cost)
2 meals per day(Healthy Vegetarian)
Yoga/Meditation Classes
Private Rock Climbing Instruction
Rope, quick draws, belay device
Transportation throughout the journey (starting from Valencia)
2+ Experienced guides

Price Does Not Include:
Harness, Chalk Bag,Shoes
International Airfare
Travel Insurance
Extra meals/Snacks

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