Journeys to inspire aliveness, empowerment, freedom, and a life lived from the heart

Every moment of our lives is a beautifully precious gift. It is an opportunity to grow, expand, increase awareness, and transform ourselves into alignment with our highest potential. Each minute offers a chance to go beyond the barriers of our mind, take a jump into uncertainty, and trust that wherever life catches us will continue to be better than we have ever imagined. It is an opportunity to offer all that no longer serves us to the fires of transformation and arise as the phoenix…completely anew, alive, radiant, and empowered.

Every Flowing Spirit Journey is a unique culmination of magnificent experiences to be savored, enjoyed, and lived with complete totality. The style of our trips creates a chance to remember the moment and transform all that does not hold true to our highest purpose. Every journey with us is unique and offers its own magic… but each one will have the common focus on what we feel are the most important aspects of travel: Consciousness, Connection, Nature, and Culture.


We will experience a daily yoga/meditation practice in a group setting, and then as we adventure in the marketplace, into the mountains, onto the beach, within sacred sites, onto busy streets, restaurants, and wherever else the flow takes us. The key is to learn to bring presence and openness into everything that we do. It is in daily life that we will have the opportunity to test our awareness amidst the beauty and curiosity of a foreign country. In this way we develop a lasting inner peace and mindfulness that we can integrate into our everyday lives.


We will reconnect to our true selves as we move through our physical and mental blockages in order to fully experience our inner state of calmness, joy, inspiration, and empowerment. We will experience the connection between the earth and the sky as we balance the spiritual and material realms.  We will activate deep seeds of wisdom as we connect to sacred energy sites. We will open our hearts and connect with one another through yoga/meditation, group sharing, family dinners, ceremonies, and the magic of just being together.


Like an intricate work of art, Mother Nature paints an abundance of unique landscapes for us to enjoy. Each country offers much splendor, peace, healing, and wisdom through its natural environment. Within every flowing spirit journey we will be outside as much as possible to experience the pristine natural wonder of each location, as well as undergo elements of outdoor adventure to push our minds and bodies.


We will take the opportunity to deeply experience the cultures of the countries that we visit with the support of local guides and by visiting places most “tourists” do not visit. We wish to show you the hidden gems of the regions and utilize this experience as a means of more deeply understanding ourselves and our purpose in this life. We will sometimes take part in community projects and festivals, learn local handicrafts and arts, visit local schools, have dinner in family homes, and stay with the locals. We will also meet native spiritual teachers, shamans, healers, visionaries, artists and musicians as they share with us the unique spiritual practices, teachings, and ceremonies of the regions we visit.