Co- Host and Co-Create a Journey

We are offering the unique opportunity for yoga and meditation teachers to join our experienced guides and teachers and bring their students on a Flowing Spirit Journey.
Share your beautiful wisdom, facilitate an unforgettable voyage for your students, travel to inspiring NEW places, and do it all without the stress of organization, finances, logistics, or holding the space all on your own.

Teacher Co-hosting Includes:

  • Join the trip at no cost

  • Receive a percentage of the trip fees of the students you bring

  • Option for a journey of only your students, or opening the group and marketing on our site

  • Choice of dates, country, and overall itinerary

  • All in country logistics of the trip organized

  • Options to be the primary leader/teacher or sharing this role with a FSJ Teacher as a secondary teacher

If you are interested in co-creating with us, or additional discounted rates for teachers,  please contact us at: for more detailed information.