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It has been some time since last reaching out .  Just like how in each one of our lives, we sometimes need to take a break from the normal, retreat within, and make some adjustments… business also sometimes need to do the same.  FSJ have been taking a bit of time to dig a little deeper, discover some new dimensions of itself, and explore some new amazing places in which to share with you.

Our journeys took us from the ocean & jungles of Thailand, to Shamanic Plants & Incan ruins of Peru, to retreats & spiritual communities in Brazil, to silence & Yoga in the Himalayas of India, to medieval villages & rock climbing in Spain, and finally to retreat into our home in the mountains of Washington State.

Some awesome photos and  insights through our Spiritual Travel:

Meditation Retreat Spain

Meditation in Spain

1. Silence and stillness is one of the greatest keys to self knowledge, peace, freedom and true understanding. If there is no silence we miss all the amazing lessons coming from inside of us



Rajasthan adventure travel

Ziplinning on our Goddess retreat at the blue city -Jodhpur, Rajasthan

2. Change happens when you get out of your comfort zone.

3. FSJ journeys have a teaching force of their own and we love simply holding the space for whatever “surprise magic happens” on our journeys



Chris Henson on Thin Fingers, 11a. Lower Town Wall.

Chris climbing Fiercely in Index, WA

4. Rock climbing is a great litmus for mental equanimity and meditation and can instantly teach us about presence, or our lack there of. Yoga on the rocks is awesome!

5. Authenticity in life =Alignment of thought word and action

6. Yoga outside is waaaaay better than yoga inside because nature is the best way to fuel up on energy, life force and connection.


Camel Safari with yoga on the dunes in Jaisalmer,  Rajasthan

Camel Safari with yoga on the dunes in Jaisalmer, Rajastha


7. It is REALLY important for us to give back to the countries that we visit  through community service and SUSTAINABLE TOURISM.

8. Relationships and human “mirroring” are the some of the greatest tools for learning. Come together family!


What does all this mean  for FSJ trips??!!…..

We will continue to uphold our core aspects of what we feel is important in every journey with us… a focus on Consciousness, Connection, Nature, and Culture. (more info about this HERE)

…..PLUS we are revamping our classic trips & creating more trips to hold the space and encourage a greater focus on silence, outdoor adventure (especially rock climbing),  more time for yoga & meditation in nature, even more unique authentic experiences,  greater community service,  sadhana (spiritual practice), and opportunities to take charge of our lives and go even further out of our comfort zone.

We hope that you love the changes and will soon join us for the first time, (or once again), on one of our life changing journeys!

With love and light,

Kristie, Jeff, and all of FSJ

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