Ever Taken a Bath with 35 Million People?

After a 20 hour journey of overwhelming sensory experience from Delhi, I arrived at the Maha Kumbh Mela in Allahabad India.

The Kumbh Mela festival marks the moment when the hidden nectar of eternal life falls from the sky and churns within the holy Ganga waters on Earth. During this time, one prays to the holy waters for Moksha (liberation),  and through immersing in the Ganga, one receives powerful blessings and the cleansing of Karmas of many lifetimes.

The “Mela” is the biggest human gathering on the planet and alternates between 4 sacred Ganga locations in India every 3 years.  In this cycle, it occurs in each location every 12 years.  On the rare occasion of the completion of 12 cycles of 12 years in one place…144 years, it is said it is a Maha Kumbh Mela.  This 2013 “Mela” is said to have been this once in a lifetime occasion of the completion of a 144 year cycle, making it an even more powerful moment to be near the Ganga’s flowing waters.

This year an estimated 35 million people went to the Ganga in Allahabad for a bath at the meeting of the River Ganges and River Yamuna.

Energy was rising and Goosebumps prickled my skin as we neared the Kumbh Mela camps. The names of God blasted in all directions from  the rickety metal loudspeakers.  Larger than life photos of Gurus and Saints lined the dust made roads, marking the hundreds of camps of spiritual gatherers. Naked Sadhus (men who have renounced the material world), walked the streets covered in ashes, with a sacred Shiva sacrament in hand. Families, barefoot with luggage on their heads, with tired bodies, but strong spirits, walked towards their long awaited destination of the Ganga waters.

A  feeling of profound  gratitude swept over me as I realized the blessing I was receiving to be able to be at this gathering, in this moment on this planet.  To have the incredible opportunity to stay at a camp with my beloved Guru Prem Baba, and to let go of a little bit more of that which is no longer serving me, offering it to the divine feminine in the form of the Ganges River for transformation.

Now is the moment for all of us to begin to let go of that baggage that is making us feel heavy and prevents us from experiencing our aliveness!

What do we need to let go of?  What do we need to offer to the waters that is no longer serving us?…. thoughts, beliefs, relationships, emotions, destructive habits, fears, worries, restrictions?….

Why not make a list over the course of the next days of all that is no longer serving your highest potential. Then, offer it to the universe for transformation. You can use a visualization offering it to Ganga or through a meditation beside another body of water. When you are finished, burn the list and  know that your intention will be received and the transformation will begin to occur.

Let me know how it goes!!!

Kumbh Mela’s unique form of transportation.


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