Who says giving up is a bad thing?

Pushkar Mistful Sunrise Meditation

In my life I have wandered the world in search of spirituality and truth. I delved into countless mystery schools in hopes of finding answers to the deeper questions that stirred within my heart. As I sit still in this moment, and reflect upon all that I have discovered… I once again come back to the seeming realization that I really know nothing. Truths that I once thought discovered are lies just the same. Every grain of sand I grasp falls through my clenched fists to be lost once again into the abyss.  Every concept, idea, belief, swirls into another mist of uncertainty.

I know not who I truly am, for it has been lost in the whirling winds of the great illusion.  I know not where I am going, yet I continue onward just the same.  My mind is filled with echoing Words of “you should be: …this …that …happy …spiritual …kind …loving …trusting …strong …loving …open …discerning …humble …present….

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FSJ evolving, transforming, and expanding

It has been some time since last reaching out .  Just like how in each one of our lives, we sometimes need to take a break from the normal, retreat within, and make some adjustments… business also sometimes need to do the same.  FSJ have been taking a bit of time to dig a little deeper, discover some new dimensions of itself, and explore some new amazing places in which to share with you.

Our journeys took us from the ocean & jungles of Thailand, to Shamanic Plants & Incan ruins of Peru, to retreats & spiritual communities in Brazil, to silence & Yoga in the Himalayas of India, to medieval villages & rock climbing in Spain, and finally to retreat into our home in the mountains of Washington State.

Some awesome photos and  insights through our Spiritual Travel:

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Shifting Into a New Paradigm

I have one more week in the sacred land of India, and as I prepare for the return to the USA, I begin to reflect on the last few months of inner and outer journey. Spiritual festivals, enlightened masters, FSJ Journeys, synchronistic encounters, profound transformation….. I feel like lifetimes have passed and time is speeding up …. yet at the same time, I feel like it is possible to live an eternity in one single moment. Continue reading

Rainbow Battle

 I watch from the second story balcony as a great battle takes place upon the street below. I hear the sounds of the war from all directions as combat screams, music, and explosions fill the ether. The ammo is incessantly reloaded in a seemingly never ending supply. Those “unfortunate” enough to wander unknowingly into the battle, are instantly attacked by the eager soldiers. Continue reading

Ever Taken a Bath with 35 Million People?

After a 20 hour journey of overwhelming sensory experience from Delhi, I arrived at the Maha Kumbh Mela in Allahabad India.

The Kumbh Mela festival marks the moment when the hidden nectar of eternal life falls from the sky and churns within the holy Ganga waters on Earth. During this time, one prays to the holy waters for Moksha (liberation),  and through immersing in the Ganga, one receives powerful blessings and the cleansing of Karmas of many lifetimes. Continue reading

AHHHHHHHHH…what to do when the feeling comes

 Do you ever get the feeling that if one more thing happens you are going to explode? Or that your world is all scattered and you have lost your focus and center?  Or that you have been so busy that you feel you have been running in circles like a chicken with their head cut off, not taking time for yourself, with total exhaustion? Or life is boring , you feel disconnected, purposeless, and you are stuck in a repeating cycle with no end in sight?


I feel this was sometimes… and I KNOW most everyone feels this way sometimes….and usually it starts quietly and then louder and louder and louder…and then more and more and more….and then there is the “I can’t take anymore….. AHHHHHHH…. “ feeling.

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Rainbows and Waterfalls-Iguazu Falls

Iguazu Falls sits on the border between Brazil, and Argentina… with Paraguay also nearby.  We entered the falls from the Argentinian side of Puerto de Igussu. The Brazilian side offers a greater panoramic view, while the Argentinian side offers a larger park, more hiking trails, and a greater opportunity to more closely explore the individual falls. Continue reading

Shiva and Shakti in Bolivia


A spiritual wonder that I tend to explore and have yet to define is the contrast between: receptivity and the gifts of God/Grace, vs. consciousness and the power of intention/co-creation. For me it is a question of the feminine and masculine energies, and how these energies are used to approach life.

When I say feminine and masculine energies, I don’t necessarily mean women and men in the physical human form… I am more referring to the way in which we can define aspects of life in regards to polarity.  Continue reading

Puerto de Huayu Marka


The sun was just rising as we wound through the high altitude roads towards the magnificently crafted doorway to the Gods. We arrived to the towering structure from the nearby town of Juli. This powerful activation point lies in the Lake Titticaca Region of Peru between Puno and Juli.

The doorway is mysterious and countless stories surround it in an air of mysticism. By locals, the doorway is either called: “Puerto Del Diablo,” the Devil’s Doorway or “Puerto Del Dios,” God’s Doorway. Ancient Folklore tells the story of the Incan Priest Amaru Meru/Aramu Muru and his encounter with the door. Continue reading

Magic At Lake Titticaca

Arriving in Lake Titticaca I was taken by the brilliant beauty of the highest navigable lake in the world. Coming from the Great Lakes region, it takes a lot for me to be impressed by a lake…but I was inspired by the incredible view that lay before me.  Snow covered mountains surrounded the crystal clear waters fading into the horizon.  We boarded a rickety boat to journey towards the floating islands of Uros.  As we exited from Puno, Peru, we were told to sit beneath the cover of the boat to abide by the local law. Ten minutes from the bay and out of sight, we were permitted to climb the ladder to the top and ride through the fresh high altitude breeze.  The sun shone brightly as we enjoyed the delicious landscape.  Continue reading