FSJ evolving, transforming, and expanding

It has been some time since last reaching out .  Just like how in each one of our lives, we sometimes need to take a break from the normal, retreat within, and make some adjustments… business also sometimes need to do the same.  FSJ have been taking a bit of time to dig a little deeper, discover some new dimensions of itself, and explore some new amazing places in which to share with you.

Our journeys took us from the ocean & jungles of Thailand, to Shamanic Plants & Incan ruins of Peru, to retreats & spiritual communities in Brazil, to silence & Yoga in the Himalayas of India, to medieval villages & rock climbing in Spain, and finally to retreat into our home in the mountains of Washington State.

Some awesome photos and  insights through our Spiritual Travel:

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Puerto de Huayu Marka


The sun was just rising as we wound through the high altitude roads towards the magnificently crafted doorway to the Gods. We arrived to the towering structure from the nearby town of Juli. This powerful activation point lies in the Lake Titticaca Region of Peru between Puno and Juli.

The doorway is mysterious and countless stories surround it in an air of mysticism. By locals, the doorway is either called: “Puerto Del Diablo,” the Devil’s Doorway or “Puerto Del Dios,” God’s Doorway. Ancient Folklore tells the story of the Incan Priest Amaru Meru/Aramu Muru and his encounter with the door. Continue reading

Magic At Lake Titticaca

Arriving in Lake Titticaca I was taken by the brilliant beauty of the highest navigable lake in the world. Coming from the Great Lakes region, it takes a lot for me to be impressed by a lake…but I was inspired by the incredible view that lay before me.  Snow covered mountains surrounded the crystal clear waters fading into the horizon.  We boarded a rickety boat to journey towards the floating islands of Uros.  As we exited from Puno, Peru, we were told to sit beneath the cover of the boat to abide by the local law. Ten minutes from the bay and out of sight, we were permitted to climb the ladder to the top and ride through the fresh high altitude breeze.  The sun shone brightly as we enjoyed the delicious landscape.  Continue reading

Intihuatana Ruins

I depart early in the morning for a silent solo pilgrimage up to the Intihuatana Ruins. The ancient Incan structures overlook the small town of Pisac, Peru.  In Quechua, Intihuatana means “tying the sun.”  The mountain is a great cemetery of the Incan People.  Upon its summit lies a temple of the sun as well as the moon. It was here that they performed rituals for the spirits of the sun and moon, and observed the cosmos.  It is a powerful location for initiations of the priest/priestess, and reconnecting to ancient wisdom. Continue reading

Pisac Return

Its 7 am and I depart from the Cusco, Peru Airport exhausted, and dazed, yet with an overwhelming joy of being back in this sacred land.  I receive an enchanted hug from German, and relax into the taxi for the 45 minute drive to the small town of Pisac.  The ride winds and turns through Eucalyptus forests and past the ancient Incan Ruins of Sacsayhuman and Tambomachay. The cloudless sky is a crystal blue and the sun shines on the sacred valley Apus (mountain spirits).  Continue reading

Revealing the Paradise Within

The world is shifting. Consciousness changing. All is shaking. As I head out for a 2 month journey in South America, I steady my feet on the earth and take a moment to check my balance as I board the plane headed for Cuzco, Peru.

I feel more resistance than normal.  It seems it is due to this trembling of the shifting world, and the inner resistance hidden from my conscious mind.  I am about to once again leave my family and the comforts of home, to undergo a powerful spiritual journey.  Continue reading

The Empowerment of Love with the Birth of FSJ


Surrounded by the Koh Yao Noi Thailand jungle, the sounds of nature, and a fresh ocean breeze,  I sit in my room and make the finishing touches for this beautiful new website.I am joyfully teary eyed and filled with a profound state of contentment, excitement and positive intention as we prepare to launch our magnificent creation into the world.

I take on the attitude of Sampana,  total surrender to the Divine….being an instrument of the grace… a deep state of consecration…of letting  go of the authorship for the higher purpose of all….with total humility….. Continue reading

Heading to Peru!

FSJ is currently in Thailand, but soon headed to India for some time with Prem Baba and Ma Ganga.  After India, looking forward to a quick return to the United States to visit with friends and family, and then down to Brazil, Venezuela, and then over to Peru for our summer and fall series of Flowing Spirit Journeys!! Can’t wait! See you in Peru!

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