Travel Well by Packing Light

StreetsofRishikeshSo you have just booked your spot for a yoga and meditation retreat to Peru!  Or maybe you stopped toying with whether you are ready for a deeply spiritual trip to India and put down your deposit!  What’s next?  The questions and thoughts will creep in.  What if I do not speak the language?  What if I am not as experienced in yoga as the others?  Our thoughts can flow to more material concerns like how many outfits and bags should I bring?  Should I bring my meditation implements and mat with me?  Questions asked that will keep you in your comfort zone, but will they lead to an impactful journey?

Though these are all valid, they may or may not be important to your journey, they may cause one to overthink and skew the true intentions of your travel.  So, what is the solution?  PACK LIGHT!!!  Yes, this cliché term that we all know, however more than likely use in a physical context.  It does however have a second facet.  Today and on your journey challenge yourself to accept this as a mantra to how you move, act, feel, and respond.   Focus beyond your bags, and look inward to YOU! Continue reading

Invasion of Thoughts

Sitting at a coffee shop this morning, I couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed with how many thoughts were able to enter my mind within a very short span.  Joining me for the cup of coffee, as most mornings, was my to-do list, a book, my cell phone, and of course the source of more information overload than anything in my possession, my laptop.  I couldn’t help but ask, why do I have all of these, and more importantly why are they all in my stream of consciousness at once?

Now, technology has wonderful qualities that I certainly take advantage of, however can certainly challenge the mindful lifestyle.  Being aware of what is around you and bringing ultimate focus to what is in the present is a practice that I have talked about before that is honed over time, however, it is tested as you sit with so many potential distractions around you.  It is all too easy to be working on one project while thinking about the next. Continue reading

Learning to Observe Your Meditation

MudrasMeditation is a practice that offers several benefits, not the least of which is fostering a life of mindfulness.  Why is mindfulness desirable?  When in a mindful state we are present and aware of thoughts and emotions that arise, and we are able to address them without judgement or a need for rationalization.  Often, early practitioners of meditation jump to judging their practice, such as the “correctness” of their posture, the ability to silence thoughts, and to calm the mind.  The ability to accept without judgement is a quality that can be developed through regular sittings and is essential to achieving a mindful position of an observer to your practice as opposed to driving it.  Continue reading

No Time For Meditation!?!?

The above is often brought to me in various forms as either a statement or a question. I have heard and of course used all of the popular lines……”I just don’t have the time to meditate”, “Meditation doesn’t seem to work for me”, “How do you find the time to meditate?”

Life often pulls us away from practice, no matter how dedicated we feel we are or how much we can see the benefit starting to cultivate and grow within us. Meditation is just that, a practice honed over time with patience being its strongest catalyst. The statement that it doesn’t work in and of itself is a conscious thought and observation which means it IS working on some level as you have put focus into coming to this conclusion.  Realization of a busy mind is the first observation you need to springboard future growth.  Continue reading