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~GO ON A JOURNEY TO TRANSFORM!~   FSJ Yoga adventure trips facilitate inner change that result in external life transformation. Our trips will take you to breathtaking locations, push you out of your comfort zone, and offer exhilarating new inspiration.You will leave our journeys with fresh insight, reconnection, expanded presence,  fierce empowerment, and lifelong friendships with your new global tribe.

Meditation in Motion

Flowing Spirit Journeys is travel that you have never before encountered. It's leaving the realm of "tour group" far behind as we evolve into a new genre of group journeys that utilize travel as a means of personal and spiritual development.

Journeys with us are fun, inspiring, empowering, insightful, adventurous, transformational, expansive and enlightening. Flowing Spirit Journeys are designed to be a simultaneous inner and outer journey, a meditation in movement. We will not only travel, play and explore unique aspects and locations of each country that we visit, but we will also maintain a daily yoga/meditation practice, push our limits in outdoor adventure, have group sessions, take time to set intentions, have insight discussions, create ceremonies, experience the sacredness of the locations we visit, connect to nature, AND share a beautifully delicious experience with a group of conscious beings.

Flowing Spirit Journey incorporates the essence
of what we feel travel should be:

Consciousness, Connection, Nature & Culture.